Top Games for Samsung Monte S5620

Samsung Monte S5620 just launched, but games developers have been launching the apps for Monte. Check the top games for Monte below:

Age of Heroes 6:Immortal of Shadows | download | Code: 35707
Age of Heroes 6:Immortal of Shadows for Monte
This is the last and the newest version of the Age of Heroes saga full filled with a lot of spells, items and creatures. Don't miss the opportunity to download it for free only at GETJAR!

Assault Team® 3D | download | Code: 19167
This game is one of the most popular games of 2009 with its real 3D war ambience!

Baghdad returns to a lake of blood. American occupation of Iraq reaches the capital city. The great conflict between the American and Iraqian armies begins in the city center. Teams off each side, are based in certain quarters and they attack the military forces of the other side. Intelligence units are trying to determine the location of the enemy troops and report it back to the military units, the armed troops are doing operations against the enemy units to destroy them.
The war continues with all its cruelty in this game...

Vampires Dawn: Deceit of Heretics | download | Code: 35700
In this RPG game you play as Vince, Lara and Manok against the Holy Crusade. This is a role playing based on a wonderful story that impressed even me. Vince is trying to save vampire's future and Lara wants to avenger her parents because they died saving her from the Holy Crusade. Don't miss the RPG of the year with the best story and graphics you can find!

Universal IQ Booster | download | Code: 35876
Ideal for anyone who enjoys thinking! Learn the fun way and fascinate your friends! One of the best collection of over 1200 brain teasers, puzzles, analytical and aptitude questions. Universal IQ Booster is a quizzing game with problems and puzzles that are informative, challenging and entertaining. The game will tickle your mind and help boost your analytical, logical, mathematical and quantitative reasoning power. It has more than 1200 questions that will help you prepare for competitive entrance exams, interviews as well as to increase your mind power leading to success in your personal, social and professional life.

Mobile Poker Club | download | Code: 34155
The best online mobile version of Texas Hold'em Poker on the net. Play absolutely FREE with your friends and other online players.

* great graphics
* true mobile usability
* traffic optimization
* stable connection
* multilingual
* rapid application and community development

Adventure of Ted | download | Code: 35635
Enjoy exhilarating experience of this free 2D side-scrolling platform game with better graphics, simple interface & smooth Game-play. Absolutely free!!!

Moto GP08 Mobile| download | Code: 33640
The entirely new Moto GP game is the most advanced motorbike racing game ever created on mobile . The revolutionary new game engine will let you immerse yourself as one of the most fearless and skilful motorbike rider on the planet. Its advanced AI will challenge you all along the 18 Grand Prix of the 2008 season.

Merdeka atau Mati | download | Code: 16863

Indonesian 1945 war game.

Fishing Bass 2010 | download | Code: 33579

Immerse yourself into the exciting world of bass fishing. Test your skills, fighting big bass in a beautifully rendered environment.

Eurofighter | download | Code: 29376
The threat of global terrorism is at a new high, intelligence has led a group of the renowned Blade squadron of Eurofighters to a remote location with the sole duty of ending this war forever. Your job as squadron leader Blade 1 is to infiltrate the enemy bases and bring down the terrorists at all costs. Your mission will see you negotiate 12 levels in a variety of stunning locations, from the beautiful island beaches to the snow-capped mountains, as you search for more information on the whereabouts of the terrorist leader. Each level has destructible environments so don’t leave any stone unturned in your quest for uncovering the terrorist secrets, blow up bridges, buildings and supply bases wherever possible. You’ll have access to loads of weapon upgrades and even missiles and rockets to help you with your task. You’ll need all the help you can get as we’ve had reports of sophisticated new technology never before seen in modern warfare. Expect troops on the ground, helicopters and planes in the air and advanced warships at sea. So take to the skies in your Eurofighter and annihilate enemy targets on land, sea and air in an effort to put an end to global terrorism. Game Features 12 levels of non-stop action Mission locations from the Tropics to the South Pole Huge 3D breakable buildings Engaging storyline Enemies on land, sea and air


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