Samsung GT S3650 Corby Social & Messaging apps

eBuddy Messenger | download | Code : 10717
Yahoo!, MSN, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ and Google Talk buddies in one single buddylist!
Join eBuddy and get the most popular and free instant messaging application on your mobile.

MXit instant messenger | download | Code : 25312
MXit is a FREE mobile social network & instant messenger for your phone & PC. Chat to other MXit users anywhere in the world for FREE. Visit MXit enables you to send and receive text messages to and from mobile phones and PCs via the Internet using GPRS or 3G, rather than by using standard SMS technology. So each time you chat you are allowed up to 1000 characters at a fraction of the cost of an SMS! MXit enables you to exchange messages with other users or most other online chat communities - anywhere, anytime!

SoMo - Social Networking All-In-1 | download | Code : 34508
Access Facebook, Youtube, Myspace Twitter and More! This App bundles them all into one so you don't need to keep browsing to access you favorite social networking applications!

YMTiny | download | Code : 11716
YMTiny is a free J2ME Yahoo Messenger. Directly connects to the Yahoo's server.

Just connect with your Yahoo! ID, no other registration needed.

It should works on all CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 devices.

Update: 30 Apr 2008 - 1.3.2
- Reduces fonts and icons quality for smaller jar size

Update: 25 Apr 2008 - 1.3.1
- Adds tiny bitmap font
- Longer login timeout (60 seconds)

Update: 21 Apr 2008 - 1.3
- Removes tiny bitmap font
- Adds medium bitmap font
- Improvement on authentication (login timeout)
- Some minor optimizations (GUI and threads)
- Status is shown next to YahooID (press 7 to show/hide them)

- Settable message alerts: sound (midi), vibrate, flash backlight, open IM window
- Bitmap fonts for consistent interface
- "Smart Ping" maintains connection and minimizes bandwidth usage
- Receives offline messages, new mail and typing notifications
- Set status and custom status
- View a friend's status, show and hide offline friends
- Send and receive BUZZ!!!
- Run in background and auto-restore
- Window and scroll animations
- Stylus support
- 54+2 Emoticons!

- Emoticons only work on bitmap fonts, goto settings to change font

mig33 | download | Code : 3481
This is the new advances in the Mig33. This works very well even though cell phone is very slow. We can also chat with Facebook and Yahoo Messenger with easy and fast. Thank you Mig33, hopefully there is a new progress.

BombusMod | download | Code : 25476
Bombusmod is a instant messaging client for mobile phones. it works with the Jabber / XMPP protocol. Bombusmod by nature being a Jabber client allows the user to connect to any server of the public XMPP / Jabber servers including Google Talk. It is also possible to interact with proprietary instant messaging networks such as ICQ, Yahoo,. NET Messenger Service or AIM through the use of "transports" (requires server-side support). Features Roster Customizable roster, grouping, Wide array of cross- client, compatible emoticons, Composing events, (dependent on contacts client), Talk to Gtalk, LiveJournal Talk and others natively Interact with AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Gadu-Gadu (popular Polish protocol), etc. Comprehensive color scheme, customizer built in, Alert profile can be selected, Set your status (eg DND, Invisible), Auto status away, Keylock shortcut (with clock), Minimize feature, Search for, navigate and moderate jabber conferences, Supports muc protocol, Copy / paste feature, Manage multiple accounts, Save messages on your "archive" or as a "template", Block specific contacts, Manage your Vcard and view other users Vcards, Traffic data counter, Interface can be set to English, Indonesian, Russian or Polish (default English), Supports RSS and atom news feeds, Constructor website allows user to customize application before downloading, Popups, Anti-spam protection, File transfer, File Browser, Copy jid, status, seen, idle, online, time, vcard info, File view in file browser, Archive export http:// https: / / tel: / / native: Autostatus, Last Messages, Sounds for events, Volume settings, Java netmonitor, Visible group in roster, Graphic menu, Color tuning, Classic chat, Conference autojoin, Default status, Hotkeys, Saving photo from vcard, user moods, and a lot of others.

eBuddy Lite Messenger | download | Code : 16350
All your Yahoo!, MSN, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ and Google Talk buddies in one single buddylist!
Use eBuddy Lite Messenger to chat on any mobile device with an internet connection. Download this shortcut for easy access to eBuddy on your mobile!

My FACEBOOK | download | Code : 40537

GmailCheckker | download | Code : 18030
Now you can Officially check your Gmail directly using this application. Very fast, So easy. Read attachments play music and view images.

emoze - Push email and messages - Beta | download | Code : 27965
emoze is an easy to use mobile messaging application that enables anyone to turn almost any mobile device into a personal communication buddy. It is no longer necessary to be a CEO or VP to enjoy the benefits of real-time email. Emoze is for everyone. Select the optimum mobile device for your needs, install emoze, add your office account, your personal account and even your social media messaging (like Facebook). Simple and user-friendly, emoze is network and mobile operator independent and can be downloaded to just about any mobile device available.

Top Game for Samsung GT S3650 Corby

Pinball 3 | download | Code : 34337
The sequel to our top downloaded Pinball game, Pinball 2. Pinball 3 Extreme is faster, more challenging and even more fun! Buckle up and start playing the long awaited sequel with more challenges, a faster pace and great graphics. This game is completely FREE so get your activation password by visiting WWW.PWORD.INFO. Just fill out a simple survey and away you go! Enjoy!

Age of Heroes Online | download | Code :  28417
  • Four game races, each of them has unique set of features and skills;
  • Nine game classes, with completely different approaches to battle and world exploration;
  • More than one hundred creatures, warriors and monsters; majority of them will be able to join your army;
  • Heroes have hundreds of skills and abilities;
  • Powerful magic and special abilities of heroes, propose new tactical abilities in battle;
  • You’ll find dozens of unique and rear artifacts, lots of ordinary armors and weaponry you can buy in stores;
  • Unique adventures for representatives of all races, lots of tasks, missions and quests;
  • Open and constantly expanding world, global geographic map with growing number of available locations;
  • And finally, lots of players for joint exploration of the world, battles and tournaments!

Age of Heroes 6:Immortal of Shadows | download | Code : 35707

This is the last and the newest version of the Age of Heroes saga full filled with a lot of spells, items and creatures. Don't miss the opportunity to download it for free only at GETJAR!

Vampires Dawn: Deceit of Heretics | download | Code : 35700
In this RPG game you play as Vince, Lara and Manok against the Holy Crusade. This is a role playing based on a wonderful story that impressed even me. Vince is trying to save vampire's future and Lara wants to avenger her parents because they died saving her from the Holy Crusade. Don't miss the RPG of the year with the best story and graphics you can find!

Euro Football | download | Code : 16906
Euro Football Are you ready for a real challenge? Time to fight another players in the football match of the titans! Here comes Euro Football – a game, that will detach the professionals from the geeks. Challenge them and bash them out in the outstanding multiYou! Bluetooth mode (*). Show what you have got and get the cup! Savor the fantastic graphics and sound. Choose a team and manage its players. Enjoy hours of exciting entertainment in three different play modes. Breath in the adrenaline scent of the tough football duels. Description: - Outstanding multiplayer mode - multiYou! Bluetooth (*) - Team management (formations, changes, bruises etc.) - 16 available teams - 3 play modes - hours of exciting joy Show who is really the master! (*) This option is available only for some cell-phones

Games N Guns | download | Code : 38051
Download the latest, racing, action. adventure and sports games for your mobile.

1955 - The Secret Mission | download | Code : 35565
Check out 1955 The Secret Mission, an old school arcade game with hours of endless fun. An absolute classic you can't put down. This single file should work on most devices thanks to the Bizi AI, so just download and have some fun and bring all the memories back.

MythJungle | download | Code : 13695
Myth Jungle is a really cute action game with cartoon style characters in it. In this game, you will act as CommanderKenn to experience a great adventure. During this period, you should get all the SnakeMonsters killed, jumping up and down to keep yourself way from the Traps and Poisonous Flowers. If you are lack of fire, you can get it on the way by collecting enough diamonds. You can pass the level only if you kill all the SnakeMonsters and get the red flag at the end of the road within the time limited. It will bring you a great challenge.

Vegas Pool Sharks | download | Code : 26154
Welcome to Vegas. How about a nice little game of pool? But soon those friendly locals you met in the casino are showing a certain predatory side. Congratulations, you are now playing Vegas Pool Sharks, with your car title, mortgage, and kids' college fund on the table. -Four opponents with increasing skill levels. -Three game types. -Realistic physics. -Full 3d viewing with tilt and zoom. -Aim assist. -Save / Resume game. -'English' spin. -Tally sheet showing wins and losses.

Racing Mania | download | Code : 40184
Drive the hottest cars on the planet in exotic locales as you race your opponents to become #1

Sony Ericsson W200 Themes

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Because much of visitor comes to this blog looking for themes, so today I start post themes. This is the third phone themes post. Today I post themes for Sony Ericsson W200 that I got from zedge. Click on theme preview to download them.

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