Top games for Sony Ericsson F100 Jalou

Sony Ericsson F100 Jalou is a stylish phone. This phone has unique body with clamshell model. Here you can get some of games to make your Jalou more powerful. All games bellow I got from getjar. Use the games code to download directly from your phone.

Moto GP08 Mobile | download | Code: 33640
The entirely new Moto GP game is the most advanced motorbike racing game ever created on mobile . The revolutionary new game engine will let you immerse yourself as one of the most fearless and skilful motorbike rider on the planet. Its advanced AI will challenge you all along the 18 Grand Prix of the 2008 season.

Online Multiplayer Texas Holdem Poker | download | Code: 35027
Play world's one of the best card games on your mobile phone. Texas Holdem Poker is the most popular poker in the world. Now you don't have to play against computer. It's now more powerfull and Multiplayer. Just install the application and play against thousands of real players from the world.

Mario55 | download | code: 65
2003-04 AquaJava Mobile Software

BubblesII | download | Code: 14462
Bubbles is an arcade game. Actually two games in one. A simple to pick up game, but hard to lay down. You have some flying bubbles, grouped in one piece. The piece can contain either 2, 3 or 4 bubbles according to the level. Your goal is to clear the screen from bubbles, so to pass to the next level. The bubbles explode when three or more come close to each other. Only flying bubbles can commence a reaction. So in order to make reactions, you have to land bubbles on similar ones or nearby similar ones. The new generated bubbles will contain only bubbles found on the screen. So in time number of different bubbles should decrease. There are two modes for this game: Arcade mode and Puzzle mode. 1. Arcade Mode: Whenever you land the bubbles a new set of bubbles will appear automatically at the bottom of the screen and starts moving automatically. 2. Puzzle Mode: Whenever you land the bubbles a new set of bubbles will appear, but this time the bubbles are fixed and will not start moving until you move them.

Chess Champion | download | Code: 17716
The adjustable difficulty level will allow both a beginner and a real chess guru to play with comfort, which makes the game especially interesting and guarantees a real pleasure from the favorite game. Beginners are offered special tutorial games they can use to learn the basics and rules of the game. The game is saved automatically. If you do not have enough time to finish a game or an unexpected phone call interrupts you, you will be able to continue playing the game from the moment when you were interrupted. Any chess fan will certainly like beautiful and truly high-quality graphics (even if you have a phone with a monochrome display). Phones with touchscreens are supported.

Dirt | download | Code: 33643
Dirt Game is an Australian drama television series that screened on the ABC. It was a six part series that was announced in July 2009.[1] It premiered on the 19th of April 2009 and finished on the 25th May, 2009. It stars Joel Edgerton (Secret Life of Us and Dangerous ) and Freya Stafford (White Collar Blue). Dirt Game is set in a company in the mining industry with boardroom backstabbing, growing safety and environmental issues, financial pressures and employee unrest. Brian Jardine (Gerald Lepkowski) is a British oil executive and Megan Kerr (Freya Stafford) is an Australian geologist who have been given six months to turn the company’s fortunes around. Their strongly committed specialist team is made up of engineer Max Mees (Shane Connor), ex-unionist Shane Bevic (Joel Edgerton) and former environmentalist Caz Cohen (Katie Wall).

Frost Legend | download | Code: 17022
As the descendant, Frank is ready to fight back for the familial castle which has been in a solitary state by a mysterious power since the day his cursed ancestor passed away. Unlike other familiar RPG mobile games, this one imports plenty of marvelous animation aside from the facile actions.

chessrally | download | Code: 34223
ChessRally 2.6 (Full Install) (Build 925 - Released January 14, 2010) (Click image to enlarge) Description: ChessRally 2 Gold Edition is the Premiere Chess Game for the Microsoft® Windows® platform. With ChessRally 2, you can play chess with your friends and family with more flexibility than any other chess software available. Join us in our Online Rally Rooms (Chess Servers) to play or watch chess games, engage in lively chat, and just have tons of fun... you can even get personal chess playing instruction from one of our Live Tutors! You can also play the best Email Correspondence Chess ever created, or play one-on-one a over the Internet or Local Area Network with a friend through a peer-to-peer Direct Network Game. Not only that, but you can also play against a computer opponent with several challenging levels of skill! ChessRally has it all! ChessRally 2 was designed for all versions of Windows®, from Windows® 7 down to Windows® 2000.

Morrix Cube | download | Code: 28507
Morrix Cube is a small j2me virtualization of the popular 80s puzzle; Rubik's Cube. It works on most phones with at least a 128x128 color display. Instructions on how to operate the cube are available in the help section of the program's menu, and best of all, this is all FREEWARE. Happy Cubing :)

Assault Team 3D NAJAF | download | Code: 31224
Al Najaf, is one of the cities where the hardest battle of the Iraq war takes place. The city is like hell, with bullets flying through the air. The battles continue day and night. The soldiers deployed in the different quarters are organising attacks on enemy troops.

You, as a member of Assault Team, have to do your duty by saving Al Najaf. You have to destroy enemy units first and then you will capture their ammunition. Intelligence units will inform you of your tasks in due time.


  1. I've been looking for some mobile games i like what you guys have chosen.

  2. They dedicate their time and energy in gaming and they don’t have time for others. I don’t want to offend nobody with this comment but I am concerned for my family members who have part in the gaming life.