Super, video converter for Symbian 5th edition

Symbian 5th edition on Nokia phone support by perfect device. All of Nokia phone with Symbian 5th edition OS has a big screen. It give you new experience in watching a movie on your mobile device. To watch a movie on your mobile device you need to convert the video first, except if the video format have been supported by your mobile phone. Any Nokia phone with Symbian 5th edition OS is Nokia N97, Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic and another new Nokia variant.

Super is one of free video converter that can you use to convert your video to your phone video format. You can download Super here

After you installing it on your computer, follow step bellow to convert your video so the video can be played on your mobile phone.

1. Set the output Container to MP4
2. Set output Video Codec to MPEG-4
3. Set audio output to AAC LC
4. Check on DirectShow Decode
5. Change the video scale to 640x360.
You also can set it to another size, follow your phone resolution.
6. Set aspect ratio to 16:9
7. Frame/sec set to 29.97
8. Bitrate use standard, 2016
9. Check High Quality
Quality output can you set here. High quality video need more space on your mobile phone.
10. Set sampling Freq to 44100
11. Change the audio bitrate to 96kbps

Now you ready to convert the video. Browse the video that will you convert and save it on your mobile phone. Enjoy it from your mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.

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